"Let simplyclick become your intranet provider. Secure, flexible and cost effective."

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“simplyclick already provides many schools with the tools to offer a virtual learning environment. Discover how we can help your school..."

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What is simplyclick?

Secure social intranets for communities. Whether you are a business, school, club or society, simplyclick offers you an affordable hosted platform for communication and collaboration.

Easy to manage internal mini websites for members to display their interests/works/advertisments - in fact, anything they wish to display as web content.

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Use the notice board as a focal point to distribute important messages to your business or community.

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Upload video content, video mail and 1-2-1 video calls all available within the security of your own site

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Every member can store their own files within the site, given general or specific access to other members.

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Create and edit multiple calendars. Use them as timetables or to book shared resources such as meeting rooms!

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Members gain the opportunity to express themselves within a secure area. And in the knowledge that their opinions can be read within the right context.

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The magazine can be used as a weekly, monthly or quarterly update to visitors. Past magazines can be searched with key words to review past events.

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By having an internal messaging system used by all at an organisation allows work to be collaborative, and focused, without distractions from outside emails.

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Why simplyclick

Because simplyclick host your site for you, hardware and maintenance costs are eliminated. We invest in secrity so that you don't have to.

All that your members need to join your site is an internet connection all features are delivered through standard web browsers.

simplyclick comes to you with a number of standard features (or Apps). Others are available for specific types of communities (Assignments app is designed specifically to allow Teachers to manage student homework).

Explore and discover how simplyclick can support your community

Contact Details

Tel : 03333 440 595

Email : info@simply-click.org

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"simplyclick has had a positive influence on all levels of communication and therefore on the teaching and learning within the school through its effect on assessment for learning..."

Federation of small businesses

"SC has allowed us to bring the Thames Valley business community together and BUILD it. SC.s online forums have promoted local business for the local community..."

- Stuart Roper, Membership Advisor Thames Valley FSB


"Over the 4 years that we.ve used SC, it has improved our management over controlled documents in an accessible and cost effective way..."

- Sean Fitzpatrick, Chairman VGC Group

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Latest News

Virtual Desktop Hosting" now available

simplyclick now offers a new way to exploit the internet cloud and liberate staff from their own PCs.

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posted : Feb 2010